Meet Your Maker “As a quality custom jewellery designer and master jeweller, I am asked to create pieces of beauty and significance that have special meaning. In the process of telling me what they want, I get to hear their stories. I have so many amazing stories shared with me every day, as I endeavour to help people create unique pieces that define their style.” – Peter

Peter gives you the opportunity to discover a piece of jewellery that exists solely in your imagination, the chance to define your style through your own creation of precious metal and stones. Own a one of a kind engagement ring, anniversary band or other piece of jewellery that exactly captures your own uniqueness and creates permanence in a memory.

How many of us remember a person in our past by their distinctive piece of jewellery; Mum’s bracelet, Grandma’s engagement ring? To them, the piece was special and no doubt it remains special to you. While keeping the significance of this jewellery piece, use the precious metal and or stones, to create a new, modern piece that describes your feelings and allows you to keep the memories.

The jewellery design process has always been more than just metal and precious stones – it is the embodiment of the client’s personal story and expert tradesmanship. Come and meet Peter to discuss creating your dream piece!

Peter's Designs