A diamonds weight is expressed in carats. One carat represents 100 points eg. 0.50cts = 50 points.

carat weight and mm width chart for diamonds


All diamonds have traces of their growth history. In gem-quality diamonds, this concerns minute internal and external characteristics, graded under clarity. The clarity scale represents the size, number, location and visibility of the inclusions when examined with 10x magnification. Most inclusions within the diamond are invisible to the naked eye. Diamonds with no visible inclusions when seen without magnification are of increased value.


Most diamonds are mostly colourless or slightly tinted yellow. The colour scale is measured against a series of control stones to determine the level of colour in the diamond – with the best grade being colourless.
Diamonds can also be seen in other varying colours from brownish to distinct yellows, from pink to purple and also red or blue. These are referred to as ‘fancy colours’. Besides colour, the fluorescence of the diamond is also graded.

diamond and gemstone shapes


Diamonds can be cut into a variety of shapes. Round brilliant diamond is the most commonly used cut.

From the hands of an expert cutter, the Round Brilliant diamond delivers on its promise of beauty and brilliance. This is the classic shape for diamonds and a well cut Round Brilliant maximizes light return better than most other shapes and creates a dazzling display.

The Princess Cut square shaped diamond is lively, contemporary and one of the most beautiful and classic shapes of all.

An Emerald Cut diamond is an elegant beauty, it has a rectangular shape with cut corners. Looking into an Emerald Cut diamond is like looking into a clear pool of water – it draws you in.

While the silhouette of a Radiant reminds us of the elegant Emerald cut, the Radiant’s facet pattern is arranged to create a much more brilliant return of light – befitting its name – Radiant.

The Asscher diamond is named after Joseph Asscher who developed the cut in 1902. The Asscher has a similar facet arrangement to the Emerald Cut yet is square rather than elongated in proportion. The Asscher has 74 facets which make this special cut reminiscent of a bygone era.

The Pear Cut diamond is also known as a “teardrop,” this cut of diamond is sure to bring a tear of joy when it is given to the one you love.

The Oval Cut diamond gives a softer, rounder look that, along with its elongated shape and amazing sparkle, truly captures the viewer’s attention.

True romantics love the Heart Shape! The two soft shoulders that lead down to one lower point…the point where two become one.

The Marquise cut diamond’s elongated shape flatters the hand and symbolizes true love to last the ages. Its design is said to be inspired by the fetching smile of the Marquise de Pompadour.